Maple Syrup as a Travel Gift


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    When travelling or on vacation,.many people like to bring little gifts from home to give to the people they meet. For many people, pure maple syrup is a perfect Nova Scotian or Canadian gift to bring. With maple syrup in 100ml or 50ml bottles, you don’t have to worry about taking up too much space or weight in your luggage, and you could even put them in your carry-on bag. Some of our customers even use them as a tip for the waiters and waitresses or housekeepers. Especially in Southern countries, pure maple syrup can be very hard to find so it is always very appreciated.
    Maple syrup is also a very unique gift to give to your host if you are staying at someone’s house. It is a gift that is delicious as well as useful. Next time you travel, don’t forget your maple syrup!

Some of Acadian Maple's pure maple syrup that traveled to Mexico this spring.

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  • Jamie Merrimen
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