Maple Walnut Coffee

Product Description

The combination of maple and the nutty flavour of walnut is sure to please the most discerning coffee lover. The maple from the forest of Nova Scotia and the walnut, shipped through the Historic Port of Halifax is blended with a fine Arabica bean to provide a robust taste that will certainly get you going in the early morning. 

Roasted on site in our coffee loft, all of our artisanal coffees are crafted in small batches by trained roasters allowing them to have complete control of the process from raw coffee to finished drink. Using only 100% Arabica beans, from coffee growing regions throughout the world, we have taken the time to develop our coffees to ensure they are balanced perfectly. Savour their delicious smooth taste and aroma in the early morning, afternoon or as a wonderful after dinner drink. Great for those cold days we have along the rugged shores of Canada's Maritime Provinces.