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Our Story is sweet!

For nearly 40 years, Acadian Maple has been tapping into 100% pure Nova Scotia maple syrup serving it for families to enjoy here and around the world. It's an incredible Taste of Nova Scotia from the first agri-crop of the year.

Available from our retail store on Peggy's Cove Road, Nova Scotia, ONLINE, and on shelves of stores in your community like Sobeys, Pete's and gift shops all over Canada, you can get your hands on local, handcrafted maple easily ... from the tree taps to your table!

Started in 1982 by Brian Allaway, he had a vision of providing quality maple products to local markets all 12 months of the year. This vision has been realized and now has a global reach. In 2019 Glynn Williams of Authentic Seacoast Company Guysborough, Nova Scotia), welcomed Acadian Maple into his collection of Nova Scotia handcrafted companies. With pride, we'll continue to honour and build on Brian's legacy.

Our Birth 

On a crisp spring morning in 1982, Acadian Maple Products was started by accident as an innocent family hobby. Motivated in part by providing an educational experience for the children and part trying to re-live a childhood experience, President Brian Allaway, tapped a dozen backyard trees and boiled the sap in a flat bottom pan over an open fire. With children, Cara and Brian William helping with the collection of the sap and wife Simonne, tending the fire, it was a true family endeavor. In one of these first few years a large enough surplus of syrup was produced that a local store owner agreed to purchase the excess. After selling out, the store required more. The entire production had been used so four, one gallon cans of pure maple syrup were bought and shipped to the Allaway residence on the bus. With this, Acadian Maple was born. 

Early Growth 

A sugar camp was constructed in the Wentworth Valley of Norther Nova Scotia in order to provide enough production to satisfy growing markets. This facility provided the majority of the pure maple syrup for Acadian Maple until 1999 when it was shut down because it could simply not provide enough pure maple syrup. 

Next Generation 

In 2001 William Allaway, a fresh graduate from Mount Allison University decided to turn the family hobby into a real business. A property was purchased on the Peggys Cove road and the facility became the new headquarters for Acadian Maple Products. The facility in Wentworth was converted into a licensed maple syrup processing facility and the focus of the organization began to shift towards food safety and market growth. 

Next Level 

In 2009 a new facility was built on the existing Peggy's Cove road location which consolidated the production plant in Wentworth, the warehouse, offices, retail shop and added on a new agri- tourism venue which caters to tourists and cruise ship passengers visiting Halifax. This facility now produces all of our maple syrup products a large range of preserves, coffee and confections. In 2012 our focus started shifting towards quality management and continuous improvement activities. 

The Future 

With pride, Authentic Seacoast Company welcomed Acadian Maple into our family of handcrafted Nova Scotia products, honouring a tradition of tree tap to your table convenient AND sweet! We're working hand-in-hand with members of the Maple Producers Association of Nova Scotia and wholesalers to grow the demand and market for 100% pure Nova Scotia Maple Syrup.

Authentic Seacoast Company

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