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Bulk Maple Syrup

Bulk Maple Syrup

Looking for bulk maple syrup? We've got you covered.

Pure maple syrup makes an amazing value-added ingredient. We supply bulk maple syrup to small and large kitchens, bakeries and food manufacturers.

  • Use Maple syrup as a sweetener in cakes, cookies and oatmeals.
  • Maple sugar as a filler in pharmaceutical applications.
  • Very dark and processing maple syrup can be used as an additive to fertilizers used in the greenhouse and cannabis growing applications.
  • High in calcium, bulk maple syrup is used in many breweries.
  • As an amazing earthy flavour maple syrup is a favourite amongst distillers.

Bulk Maple Syrup Grades

Maple syrup comes in different grades. We won't get into the specifics here but if you want to learn more about maple syrup grades check out our page devoted to the different grades of bulk maple syrup.

Different grades of maple syrup lend themselves to different applications.  For example; if you want to add the bulk maple syrup to baking we would suggest a dark or very dark syrup as the flavour will be more pronounced.

We can offer bulk maple syrup in pretty much any grade. The ones we stock are Amber, Dark and Very Dark. But if you require golden we can get that for you.

Bulk Maple Syrup Sizes

Bulk is a relative term. As a result, we offer a few different bulk options for our maple syrup.

5L bags of bulk maple syrup

These are great for kitchens that go through a lot of maple syrup as well as smaller food processors. They are also great for bulk food stores and grocery stores trying to offer limited or no packaging waste options.

  • The bag is in a box for easy dispensing from a counter or shelf.
  • We know that fridge or cooler is prime real estate So these bags do not require refrigeration. Even when opened.

20L pails of bulk maple syrup

Bulk Maple Sugar

Ordering Bulk Maple Syrup

Please contact us using one of the methods found on this page.

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