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Food Service

Food Service Maple Syrup Spoon

Bring the forest to the table with our premium food service products.

  • Bulk pack sizes to reduce cost and increase functionality.
  • Made in an SQF level two food safety certified facility.
  • Unique products that can fit into any menu.
  • Not just for breakfast.

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 Food service pure maple syrup

2L Jugs of Maple Syrup

A great size for kitchens of every size. The case of two jugs is an ideal size for small to medium volume users. Keep the unopened jug in dry stores and the open one in the fridge.


5L Bag in a box

Our bag in a box of pure maple syrup is ideal for food service establishments that have limited refrigeration space. The unique design does not require refrigeration.

Food service mapel syrup bag in a box

20L Pail

Great for larger volume food service establishments looking for larger volumes at a cheaper price. Also great for small or mid-sized food processors. The pails have a handle and a pour spout to make it easy for your staff to dispense into smaller containers.

Food Service Maple Syrup Pail


Food service pure maple sugar 

 Maple Sugar Fine 15kg

A great healthier alternative to regular cane sugar. Use it anywhere you would use regular sugar. Helps to add a unique depth to the flavour fo foods and cleaner menus.


Maple Flakes 12 kg

Pure maple sugar just in a flake instead of a grain. Looks awesome on top of specialty coffee such as lattes or cappuccinos. Also goes great on pies or ice cream. Anywhere you want to add a little sweet that looks cool.


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