Private Label Services

Looking for a private label food manufacturer? We are here to help. Our world-class manufacturing facility is perfectly suited for private label products.

We offer a variety of private label products both in small and large batch sizes.

Private Label Program

Our private label food program is easy. We produce the product using our tested and proven specifications and formulations and either provide it to you with no label or affix your own label on it for you.

For short run products, we can even print labels in-house to keep your cost and risk to a minimum. For longer runs, we will have the labels printed by a professionally digital label printer.


Private Label Maple Syrup

Maple syrup is our specialty. Take advantage of our capacity to fil your small or large batch private label maple syrup products.

Please click here to view the selection of maple syrup products that can be private labeled.


Private Label Jam & Jellies

Sick of making your own jam and jellies. or want to introduce your own house brand? We're here to help.

Please click here to view the selection of private label jam & jellies.


Private Label Coffee

Looking for a private label or a house brand of coffee? We offer both conventional and organic options as well as a variety of flavoured coffee that can all be branded under your name.

Please click here to view the selection of private label coffee.


Private Label Beverage Alcohol

We are a licensed with the Canadian Revenue Agency for wine, spirits, and posses an excise warehouse. So we can source, blend and package beverage alcohol products such as vodka, rum, and gin. We can also manufacture cream liquors and other specialty spirits.

Please contact us for more details.

Brian Allaway