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 Maple Syrup Specification Sheet

Canadian Food Inspection Certificate Maple Syrup

Having a quality, safe product is at the core of our business. From the moment the sap leaves the tree to the moment, it is bottled, we do everything we can to ensure the highest quality product.

We pride ourselves on our quality systems and are in a constant state of continuous improvement. No detail is too small or overlooked. 

Quality and Food Safety Programs

Our quality and food safety programs consists of several aspects such as:

-Full HACCP plan for our receivingbottling, storage and distribution activities

-Rigorous allergen control and cross contamination program

-Documented employee training and cross training

-Full traceability and recall program

We want to stay ahead of the curve so we don't stop there. Acadian Maple is constantly innovating and looking to improve our quality and food safety. As a result, we have invested heavily in new technologies and certifications to prove that we are doing what we say and to push the industry forward.

We have recently implemented a routine ATP testing program to validate our cleaning/sanitation and cross contamination programs. This ensures that our equipment and processes are properly cleaned.

Due to the increasing awareness and sensitivity to allergen issues, we have also introduced an allergen testing program to ensure allergens stay in their place and our maple syrup stays allergen free.

Constant Testing and Monitoring

From the moment the raw maple syrup enters our plant it is constantly monitored and tested. Retention samples are taken of every drum of maple syrup that comes in and of every finished batch. These samples are frozen and can be used to quickly identify problems if any arise in the finished product.

Raw maple syrup is tested for flavour, brix (sugar content), colour, and many other things including heavy metals such as lead.

Throughout the packaging process we constantly monitor the temperature, fill levels, brix, colour, grade and many other things.

Continuous Employee Training

Our employees are really the heart of our business. So it only makes sense that we invest heavily in employee training and development. Every employee at Acadian Maple is trained in many aspects of the business and we have a cross training policy so anyone can learn to do anything.

Through our lunch and learn program, morning meetings and team huddles we try very hard to develop our employees so they have the skills to think on their feet and be world class problem solvers. Our team is a highly trained group of professionals that take the quality and safety of our products very seriously.

Our complex, documented training program consists of basic and advanced training on personnel hygiene, sanitation and cleaning, allergen control, food defense, stock rotation, chemical handling and much, much more. First tier suppliers are often brought in to provide training on various new techniques, equipment or practices.