Higgins Mountain Blueberry 340g / 12oz

Product Description

Higgins Mountain is found in Cumberland County, Nova Scotia and, in the late summer, abounds in the provinceʼs official berry, the wild blueberry. The wild blueberry is deeply rooted in this region and loves the fertile soil on Higgins Mountain, one of Nova Scotiaʼs highest points. If you enjoy the sweet distinctive flavour of wild blueberries you will love this coffee. As it starts to brew, your kitchen will fill with the magnificent aroma of wild blueberries.



Roasted on site in our coffee loft, all of our artisanal coffees are crafted in small batches by trained roasters allowing them to have complete control of the process from raw coffee to finished drink. Using only 100% Arabica beans, from coffee growing regions throughout the world, we have taken the time to develop our coffees to ensure they are balanced perfectly. Savour their delicious smooth taste and aroma in the early morning, afternoon or as a wonderful after dinner drink. Great for those cold days we have along the rugged shores of Canada's Maritime Provinces.

INSTRUCTIONS: Using any drip coffee machine or other method, use cold freshly drawn water and apply one heaping tablespoon of coffee per 6 fl. oz of water. You can adjust to personal taste, of course. We recommend using a French press for brewing our gourmet coffees, but it doesn't really matter what method you use.  We hope you enjoy our gourmet coffees as much as we do.

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