News — 2012


2014 Taste of Nova Scotia Prestige Awards 0

   The Taste of Nova Scotia Prestige Awards celebrate Nova Scotian restaurants and food producers. Anyone can make a nomination, and then the winners are chosen by a judges panel. Last year, there were over 900 nominations. If you are a fan of any of our products, nominate us for the Consumer Choice Product of the Year between June 1 and September 30, 2014. When you make a nomination, Taste of Nova Scotia will enter you to win a Taste of Nova Scotia gift basket full of Nova Scotian food and drink products. Yum! 

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Sap Continues To Run After Being Stalled By Warm Weather 0

After an early start to the maple syrup season in March, we had some unusually warm weather in Nova Scotia with temperatures over 25 degrees Celsius , causing the sap to stop running out of the maple tree. Although everyone enjoyed having a summer day in March, maple syrup producers were not satisfied with their sap collection. Thankfully, in some areas of the maritimes, the temperature has gone down far enough for the sap to start running again. Some maple syrup producers are now collecting sap again, and hoping that the colder weather will last for a while longer. 
Check out our Maple Syrup Season 2012 photo album on Facebook for some awesome photos from this year's sap collection.