New International Standard for Grading Maple Syrup 0

You will soon see a new grading system for maple syrup. The new system is much simpler and helps consumers by adding flavour descriptors to the different colours of maple syrup. Basically there will be one grade; Grade A. Maple syrup that does not meet the requirments of Grade A will be marked as Procesing Grade.

Grade A will be diveded into four colour classes:

Golden maple syrup with a delicate taste

Amber maple syrup with a rich tsate

Dark maple syrup with a robust taste

Very dark maple syrup with a strong taste


You can click here for a smaple of the grades and furthur explanation.

1st Annual Maple Syrup Producer Contest 0


ENTRY DATE EXTENDED: Due to the late start of the maple season we've decided to extend the deadline to enter our Make Your Own Maple Syrup contest to May 9th, 2014


Ready. Set. Tap!

Acadian Maple Products is holding a contest to find the best maple syrup in Nova Scotia! Whether you have one tap or one thousand taps we want you to enter!

Submit a sample of your best pure maple syrup from 2014 for the chance to win the title of Maple Enthusiast of the Year or Maple Professional of the Year. All entries will receive a professional analysis and certificate and awards will be presented at a ceremony on May 24, 2014.

Entries must be received by May 9, 2014. 

Please click here for the Registration Form


NOTE: A registration fee of $15.00 must be submitted with your entry form.

Payment can be made in three ways:

2. In our retail shop
3. By cheque made payable to Acadian Maple Products Limited


 For tips and help with your maple production click here

  • William Allaway

2014 Taste of Nova Scotia Prestige Awards 0

   The Taste of Nova Scotia Prestige Awards celebrate Nova Scotian restaurants and food producers. Anyone can make a nomination, and then the winners are chosen by a judges panel. Last year, there were over 900 nominations. If you are a fan of any of our products, nominate us for the Consumer Choice Product of the Year between June 1 and September 30, 2014. When you make a nomination, Taste of Nova Scotia will enter you to win a Taste of Nova Scotia gift basket full of Nova Scotian food and drink products. Yum! 

Nominate us here.

New: Honibe Products 0

    If you love honey, you will love the new honibe products now available in our retail store. The Honey Drops are individual servings of pure dried honey with no additives. All you have to do is stir them into a hot drink, such as tea or coffee, and enjoy! These come in boxes of 12. Another great alternative to sugar.
     The Lemon Honey Lozenges are 99.9% honey, with menthol, eucalyptus, and natural lemon flavour. They are a natural, healthy way of relieving sore throats stuffed noses. These come in packs of 10.
    These specialty honey products come from our neighbouring province, Prince Edward Island.

Tour Bus Time at Acadian Maple 0

    From late April to the end of October, The Port of Halifax is a flagship destination for many cruise itineraries. This year 130 ships are expected with a total of about 235,000-245,000 passengers. Visitors from all around the world will be here to experience Nova Scotia.
     At Acadian Maple, we see many of these visitors. Plenty of tour line coaches, taxi and limo tour services make Acadian Maple one of their favourite stops. Here they receive an interesting, personalized presentation about maple syrup in our presentation room, which was designed just for these types of tours. Our presentation room comfortably seats 55 people, who are all greeted with maple candy before they are seated. Our visitors are able watch the processing plant in action through windows and observe what is being bottled on the day of their visit. After the presentation, the doors open into the retail shop, where they are given different samples of maple products and can do some shopping. Many like to buy maple products now that they have the product knowledge of the different grades. A huge variety of souvenir items are available to take home or to give to their family and friends. We are able to handle thousands of tourists a year, and our facility can accommodate 2 full coaches at once.
    So far this year we’ve had a few coaches, but we are preparing for a very busy fall as most cruise ships dock in Halifax during September and October. We love being able to meet so many different people from all around the world, and we really enjoy showing them all that Nova Scotia has to offer.

Cruise Ship Statistics from:

Tour busses at Acadian Maple in 2011.

New: Recipe Page 0

 We have recently added a recipe page to our website, where we will be posting various recipes that we have collected using maple syrup,maple sugar, or any other maple product. If you are ever stuck on what to make for a meal, this is a great page to find new and unique recipes to try.  If you have any of your own maple recipes, please feel free to submit them to us by emailing, and we will post them on our recipe page with your name.