Maple Syrup Plastic Jugs

Product Description

As a gourmet food item, Acadian Maple’s maple syrup is pure, naturally organic and healthy both for the body and the spirit. It is an extremely versatile food item that can be used in virtually any food preparation venue from foodservice / HRI to giftware and lends itself beautifully to a magnitude of dishes and food items. Many people have now replaced the use of cane sugar with the healthier maple alternative.

  • Plastic jugs are durable and great for travelling.
  • The 40mL and 100mL can be put in your checked baggage.
  • A great price point for wedding favours and giveaways.
  • Used in kitchens large and small.

We generally will ship this in Amber or Dark. If you have a particular preference for the colour please leave it in the notes section of your order.

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