Maple Syrup Facts You May Not Know

Maple Syrup Facts You May Not Know

1. 85% of the worlds maple syrup is made in Canada.

2. Maple syrup is North Americas first agricultural harvest of the season.

3. Maple syrup is a woodland crop, non-fertilized, non-cultivated and made mostly by the burning of wood, a carbon neutral renewable fuel.

4. Maple syrup is one of very few agricultural crops that can be called entirely North American.

5. Maple trees are around 40-50 years old before they are tapped.

6.The Algonquin Indians called maple sugar Sinzibuckwud.

7. The Canadian flag bares the leaf of a sugar maple tree.

8. It takes 40 liters of sap from the maple tree to make one liter of pure maple syrup.

9. A barrel of pure maple syrup is worth 30 times more than a barrel of crude oil.

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  • William Allaway
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