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Tapping into 6 Generations of Maple Harvesting 0

Tapping into 6 generations of maple harvesting, Acadian Maple turns to Kevin McCormick and his son Brad for 100% pure Nova Scotia Maple, proudly bringing maple from the tree taps to your table. Order yours online now.
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When is Maple Syrup Made

When is Maple Syrup Made 0

Many people ask us when they visit "when is maple season" or "when is maple syrup made". There is no such thing as a dumb question so we're here to help with your maple syrup production questions. The short answer is- maple syrup is made in the winter and spring.
Maple Syrup Facts You May Not Know

Maple Syrup Facts You May Not Know 1

Did you know that a barrel of pure maple syrup is worth 30 times more than a barrel of crude oil (depending on the day of course).