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Sap is running - right to Acadian Maple!

Sap is running - right to Acadian Maple!

We’re so used to delivering to YOUR door BUT look what was delivered to OUR door! Shipment of fresh 💯% pure maple syrup from McCormicks Maple Syrup Supplies in Rodney, Nova Scotia!

Carmen our GM here at Acadian Maple was thrilled to see Glynn & John our owner and GM of Authentic Seacoast Company arrive with 16 barrels of syrup... several were still warm as it came straight from the evaporator!

Can’t wait to hear what you all think of our 2020 vintage, so sweet - a very real and authentic - Taste of Nova Scotia!

Thanks to our partners at Maple Producers Association of Nova Scotia - MPANS for harvesting and to all of you for continuing to buy and order our maple products.

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Authentic Seacoast Company

Glynn Williams, Authentic Seacoast Company

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