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Tapping into 6 Generations of Maple Harvesting

For centuries, sugar maple trees have been tapped and their liquid gold sip, savoured and celebrated. The McCormick family has been a champion and steward of our Nova Scotia sugar woods since the late 1800's, it's a tradition Kevin proudly keeps running, alongside Brad, his son and the 6th generation of harvesters.

acadian mapleWhile it's a year-round passion and commitment, when spring arrives and the sap starts running, that's when it gets really busy in the sugar bush. Stitched together by miles of tubes and thousands of taps, for the McCormick's of Rodney, Cumberland County it's a real family affair, just the way Kevin's family has done it for years.

While he's preoccupied with his own operations, Kevin has been a champion of and industry leader among his fellow maple harvesters. Named to the Maple Producers Association of Nova Scotia Hall of Fame, his efforts have been appreciated. In the blog post shared on MPANS, fellow Maple Harvester, Dale McIsaac said: 

“Kevin is well respected for the professionalism of his operation and the quality of his syrup,” McIsaac said in the nomination. “He keeps informed of the latest trends in the industry and readily adopts new technology when he is satisfied that it is a sound and reliable improvement.”

Kevin loves it in the woods, he even suggests that he 'may' have skipped school occasionally to go to work in the woods as a kid. In the same article released when he joined the Hall of Fame, he was quoted to have said: 

“I love it in the woods. It’s the great outdoors,” he said. “I’ve worked in the shop around machinery for years, but this is much better. You just have to love the fresh air. We are a woods family and I think they enjoy it as much as I do.”

maple It's that tradition and sense of family that makes it such a pleasure for us here at Acadian Maple to work with the McCormicks. We love heading into Kevin's place to pick up our orders of 100% pure Nova Scotia Maple Syrup. It's a trip we do often, thanks to an insatiable appetite among maple lovers here in Nova Scotia, and all over North America.

With the McCormick family welcoming little Graci, Brad's daughter, there are hopes and aspirations that she'll become the 7th generation for the family business, walking in the footsteps of her great, great, great Grandfather

Served with pride, you'll taste of the love, care and passion in each an every bottle of our Acadian Maple Syrup - from tree tap to your table - it's pretty sweet!

acadian maple syrupGet your hands on a real Taste of Nova Scotia with Acadian Maple, from our ONLINE STORE, from our Retail Shop on Peggy's Cove Road just outside Halifax, or at your local Sobeys , Pete's and other shops that love sharing Nova Scotia handcrafted products.


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