What is Maple Syrup

What is Maple Syrup

Maple syrup is the worlds best sweetener.

So what is maple syrup?  Well, Maple syrup is a sweet syrup that is derived solely from the concentration of sap from the maple tree. That's it, there is nothing else in it. It is completely pure.

How is maple syrup made: Tubing in the woods

How is Maple Syrup Made

Maple syrup is made in the spring of the year in North Eastern North America. You may be wondering how is maple syrup made. Well, it's made by tapping maple trees and collecting the sap.

The maple sap is very mildly sweet and needs to be concentrated by cooking in order to create maple syrup. Maple syrup is considered maple syrup when it reaches a sugar concentration of 66% sugar.

Cooking maple sap in this process not only concentrates the amount of sugar in the solution but it also adds the flavour. Chemical changes take place in the maple sap as it cooks creating that distinct maple flavour that is loved by all.

Health Benefits of Maple Syrup

Health Benefits of Maple Syrup

The health benefits of maple syrup are often the reason people look into what is maple syrup. Although it is still a sugar, maple syrup isn't an empty calorie. There are maple syrup health benefits. If you are going to choose a sweetener then maple syrup is a great choice as an alternative to refined sugars. You can easily replace refined sugar with maple syrup in almost any recipe.

Is Maple Syrup Vegan

As we've seen, maple syrup is a natural sweetener but it is also vegan. We get asked a lot, is maple syrup vegan? It is because at no point in the process is anything introduced to make non-vegan.

Maple Syrup Grades

Maple Syrup Grades

Maple syrup comes in two grades. Grade A and Processing Grade. Grade A maple syrup, most importantly of all, tastes good, where the processing grade of maple syrup doesn't.

But grade A maple syrup is also divided into four colour classes. Golden, Amber, Dark and Very Dark. One colour class is not better than the other but rather it's personal preference.

In the early maple syrup season a golden (lighter coloured) maple syrup is made. As the season progresses the syrup gets darker in colour and stronger in flavour.

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