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mmm Maple: Coffee maple Sea Fever Rum: Cocktail recipe

mmm Maple: Coffee maple Sea Fever Rum: Cocktail recipe

There are at least 101 ways to enjoy maple! Here’s one ☝️ perfect for curling up by the fire.... starts with our Sea Fever Rum Coffee Maple and transforms into:

Like the ocean spray on a windy day.
1.5oz Sea Fever™ Coffee Maple Rum
2.5oz Table cream (18% bf)
Serve over ice, top with whip cream for fun, drizzled with MORE maple 🍁!

Need some Sea Fever?
Drop by, we’re OPEN 11am-5pm , Wed . - Sun. Or order online anytime OR drop by the NSLC!

Online Store, shipped to your door: Https://

Acadian Maple is a key ingredient in our Sea Fever Coffee Maple Rum, so is our Full Steam Coffee!

It's a Taste of Nova Scotia that invites you to #getyourhandsonlocal !

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